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Our Family Law practice includes not only contested and uncontested divorces, but also many other legal matters involving family relationships, such as non-marital child custody, pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, child support, adoptions, and guardianships (elder care or due to incapacitation). 

Please understand that the summaries on this website are not intended to offer specific legal advice, nor do they create an attorney-client relationship. Instead, they provide a starting point, not an ending point, for addressing your particular issues with your attorney. As always, your case might involve details or twists that could change the anticipated outcome from the generalized discussions contained in the following summaries. Even if your case seems to fit the common scenarios perfectly, that does not mean that exceptions do not exist or that a judge will perceive it that way. Having an experienced attorney who knows how to prepare a case, how to negotiate with opposing parties, and how to present a case in court is just as important as knowing the brief synopsis of the law.


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